Timeless Emily Carr

Laurie Carter SKU: 9781927878088
Timeless Emily Carr

Timeless Emily Carr

Laurie Carter SKU: 9781927878088
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The 150th anniversary of Emily Carr's birth is an ideal opportunity to highlight the wit and wisdom of this beloved artist and author who continues to inspire generation after generation as a relevant role model for our times.

Emily Carr described herself as "a duplex person 'Artist & writer.'" While the artist was obvious from her early years, Carr didn’t officially become a writer until late middle-age. So her writing reflects insights gained from decades of searching and striving—enjoying advantage; battling adversity; coping with relationships; facing despair; finding meaning; and never, ever giving up.

This carefully curated collection distills those insights: Carr's thoughts, observations, and advice. The book ranges across the spectrum of her experience—art, writing, nature, learning, inspiration, spirituality, and life—to offer meaningful guidance for modern readers.

The appealing layout highlights quotations alongside Laurie Carter's notes on source and context. A succinct biography provides additional background for those who like to delve a little deeper. Timeless Emily Carr: Quotations for Life is for recent graduates, working women, mothers of all ages, creative people, and everyone seeking meaning and inspiration.

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