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    Deer Man
    Geoffroy Delorme
    Luladey Moges
    Lights to Guide Me Home
    Meghan J. Ward
    In Our Youth
    Angus Scully
    Butter and Flower
    Ann Allchin
    The Art of Misadventure
    Dave Brosha
    Cooking Tips for Desperate Fishwives
    Margot Fedoruk
    The Sacred Balance, 25th anniversary edition
    David Suzuki
    Bloom Where You Are Planted
    Beka Shane Denter
    Tones of Grace
    Dave Brosha
    Citizens of Light
    Sam Shelstad
    I Hear You, Ocean
    Kallie George
    The Russian Refugees
    Michael Andruff
    Her Courage Rises
    Haley Healey
    Fortune Knox Once
    Jack Knox
    Dancing in Small Spaces
    Leslie A. Davidson
    Abalone Woman
    Teoni Spathelfer
    From Denmark to the Cariboo
    Linda Peterat
    kā-āciwīkicik / The Move
    Doris George
    Crosbie Cotton
    Around England with a Dog
    Lesley Choyce
    A Season on Vancouver Island
    Bill Arnott
    A Time of Light and Shadow
    Ella Harvey
    Chasing Africa
    Lisa Duncan
    A Cabin Christmas
    Glynnis Hood
    E. J. Hughes: Canadian War Artist
    Robert Amos
    The Five-Bottle Bar
    Jessica Schacht
    The Alpha Female Wolf
    Rick McIntyre
    Nature's Wild Ideas
    Kristy Hamilton
    Of Cockroaches and Crickets
    Frank Nischk
    The Curious World of Bacteria
    Ludger Wess
    The Petroleum Papers
    Geoff Dembicki
    Amanda Siebert
    The Better Sex Through Mindfulness Workbook
    Lori Brotto, PhD
    Wired for Music
    Adriana Barton
    Car Crash
    Lech Blaine
    Chemistry for Breakfast
    Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim
    Ancient Bones
    Madelaine Böhme
    Deep Diversity
    Shakil Choudhury
    The Secret Network of Nature
    Peter Wohlleben