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    The Power of Trees
    Peter Wohlleben
    The Coastal Forager's Cookbook
    Robin Kort
    Mr. Mindbomb
    Bobbi Hunter
    Camping British Columbia, the Rockies, and the Yukon
    Jayne Seagrave
    A Ribbon of Highway
    Taylor Roades
    What's Wild Outside Your Door?
    Peter Wohlleben
    Edible and Medicinal Flora of the West Coast
    Collin Varner
    Searching for Happy Valley
    Jane Marshall
    Eat Alberta First
    Karen Anderson
    What Will I Discover?
    Tanya Lloyd Kyi
    Wings, Waves & Webs
    Robin Mitchell Cranfield
    Welcome, Rain!
    Sheryl McFarlane
    A Tulip in Winter
    Kathy Stinson
    Super Small
    Tiffany Stone
    The Stars
    Jacques Goldstyn
    Afterward, Everything was Different
    Jairo Buitrago
    A Year in the Woods
    Torbjørn Ekelund
    Zazie Todd
    Angry Weather
    Friederike Otto
    Train Beyond the Mountains
    Rick Antonson
    In Search of Sleep
    Bregje Hofstede
    The Autumn Ghost
    Hannah Wunsch
    Mission: Arctic
    Katharina Weiss-Tuider
    The Key to Creativity
    Hilde Østby
    Wayne Grady
    Secret Life of the City
    Hanna Hagen Bjørgaas
    Archives of Joy
    Jean-François Beauchemin
    Spring Rain
    Marc Hamer
    The Boy and the Mountain
    Torbjorn Ekelund
    Tracking Giants
    Amanda Lewis
    Family Walks & Hikes Canadian Rockies: 2nd Edition, Volume 2
    Andrew Nugara
    The Sipster's Pocket Guide to 50 Must-Try BC Wines: Volume 2
    Luke Whittall
    The Prairie Gardener's Go-To Guide for Perennials
    Janet Melrose
    The Prairie Gardener’s Go-To for Fruit
    Janet Melrose
    A River Captured
    Eileen Delehanty Pearkes
    Wildlife Weekends in Southern British Columbia
    Roy Jantzen
    The Weekender Effect II
    Robert William Sandford
    The Weekender Effect
    Robert William Sandford
    Waterfall Hikes in the Canadian Rockies – Volume 1
    Steve Tersmette
    Gillean Daffern’s Kananaskis Country Trail Guide – 5th Edition: Volume 1
    Gillean Daffern