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    Cycling Vancouver Island
    John Crouch
    Lights to Guide Me Home
    Meghan J. Ward
    Crosbie Cotton
    West Coast ABCs
    Jocey Asnong
    We All Play
    Julie Flett
    The Hidden Life of Trees
    Peter Wohlleben
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    I Hear You, Forest
    Kallie George
    The Obesity Code
    Jason Fung
    Framed in Fire
    Iona Whishaw
    Edible and Medicinal Flora of the West Coast
    Collin Varner
    Giulia Enders
    A Match Made for Murder
    Iona Whishaw
    Broken Circle
    Theodore Niizhotay Fontaine
    Aggie and Mudgy
    Wendy Proverbs
    Always Pack a Candle
    Marion McKinnon Crook
    Birds of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest
    Richard Cannings
    The Declaration of Interdependence
    David Suzuki
    Best Hikes and Nature Walks with Kids in and Around Southwestern British Columbia
    Stephen Hui
    Destination Hikes
    Stephen Hui
    All the Quiet Places
    Brian Thomas Isaac