The White Raven

Sue Coleman SKU: 9780994832115
The White Raven

The White Raven

Sue Coleman SKU: 9780994832115
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British Columbia artist Sue Coleman brings her knowledge of the Canadian west coast and its culture into her second novel, The White Raven.

In this sequel to Return of the Raven White Raven escapes his spirit imposed exile and takes up residence in a small fishing village. Along the way, he discovers he has the power to transform.

This enchanting new work of fiction takes the reader on the wings of a raven and eagle for a ride through mountain passes to languid bays. You will feel the morning breezes, smell the salty, west coast air and taste fresh seafood as you follow Raven's quest to master his newly granted powers to transform. Can he do honour to his grandfather's legacy?

Sue Coleman takes us on a fanciful and engaging tale of brothers. Her British humour, shaped by her Canadian wit, brings amusement to this tale full of west coast lore, history and rich landscapes. Watch as the two brothers explore their powers in very different ways.

Well crafted and beautifully illustrated with Sue's unique nature sketches and told from a bird's eye view, it is hard not to fall in love with the tale and wonderful settings of west coast Canada. Teens and adults will enjoy this engaging tale. Those from Canada's west coast will have fun identifying the local features and landscapes, while those who have never experienced the area will get a glimpse of its attraction and beauty.

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