Takaya's Journey

Cheryl Alexander SKU: 9781771604895

Takaya's Journey

Cheryl Alexander SKU: 9781771604895
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Takaya's Journey introduces young children to Takaya, the lone wolf.

Using beautiful photography and charming, accessible text, Cheryl Alexander and Jenaya Copithorne take elementary school readers into Takaya's world. Along the way many questions are answered:

  • Who is Takaya?
  • Where did Takaya come from?
  • What does Takaya need?
  • What is Takaya's home like?
  • What does Takaya eat?
  • Who keeps Takaya company?
  • What will Takaya do?
  • Entertaining and informative, Takaya's Journey is written for pleasure, but also aligns with basic school curriculum needs in terms of dealing with natural history and human encounters with wildlife in urban settings.

    Ages 6-8

    Hardback Picture book


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