Super Space Weekend

Gaëlle Alméras SKU: 9781778400667
Super Space Weekend

Super Space Weekend

Gaëlle Alméras SKU: 9781778400667

This non-fiction graphic novel for kids 7+ takes readers on a thrilling voyage through our universe. Get ready for the ultimate astronomy adventure!

It's a beautiful evening when Squeak, Orni, and Castor head out for a weekend of camping. But Squeak has a surprise: he's hosting them all in his observatory, high at the top of a tree. The tree house is delightful—and fully equipped for the most incredible discoveries: in the sky and the stars, through the galaxy and beyond.

Readers join the three friends as they explore the night sky, our solar system, and how our universe was created. Super Space Weekend features:

  • Fascinating information about astronomy and space reviewed by scientists, including an astrophysicist and planetary scientist. Discover how to find the North Star, learn about the history of space exploration, and more!
  • Comic-style illustrations: shares Squeak, Orni and Castor’s thrilling space adventures through a graphic novel format

Captivating, funny, and highly informative, Super Space Weekend is the ultimate introduction to the world of astronomy.

The Science Adventure Club Book Series!

Author and illustrator Gaëlle Almerás invites young readers to join her and her hilarious and lovable cast of characters as they explore space, the world's oceans, and more. Presented in an eye-catching graphic novel style, the titles in this series are meticulously researched and vetted, providing top-notch science information that is accessible, awe-inspiring, and always entertaining.

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