Rebecca Quinn SKU: 9780991864416


Rebecca Quinn SKU: 9780991864416
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Sheringham is a 60-page book in full colour, covering the illustrious history of the iconic lighthouse at Sheringham Point. In 2013, the lighthouse was designated by the Federal Government as a Canadian Heritage Lighthouse Site.

Featuring over 60 photos, maps, journal entries, biographies of the light keepers and their families, info on junior light keepers, the land purchase, the construction of Sheringham Point Road, and the work of the Society, this book is a fun and interesting read for everyone.

Sheringham: A Canadian Heritage Story is being published as part of the Society’s multi-phase restoration effort of the lighthouse structure, engine room and heritage property in general. It was published with the assistance of the Government of Canada’s National Cost Sharing Program, through Parks Canada.

Paperback / softback Trade paperback (US)


Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society


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