Sea, The

Wayne Grady SKU: 9781553653950
Sea, The

Sea, The

Wayne Grady SKU: 9781553653950
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Twenty-five writers share their love, fear, and respect for the sea.

The sea is one of the most vital and recurring images in human culture. Every civilization has a flood myth, for example, and sixtyfive percent of the world's population lives on the coast of a sea. In these pages:

  • Charles Darwin expresses his fascination with the glowing phosphorescence of the nighttime sea
  • Ann Saunders, who crossed the Atlantic in 1826, describes the desperation of passengers stranded for a month at sea
  • the story of the Biblical Flood is told in three versions (from Genesis, Inuit legend, and Timothy Findley's Not Wanted on the Voyage)
  • Yann Martel's Life of Pi portrays the modern ark
  • literary seawatchers Rachel Carson, Jonathan Raban, and Andrea Barrett are all excerpted.
  • Published in partnership with the David Suzuki Foundation.



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