Out of Concealment

Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson SKU: 9781772031607
Out of Concealment

Out of Concealment

Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson SKU: 9781772031607
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A stunning collection of powerful and whimsical photo collages celebrating supernatural female beings rooted in Haida culture.

Out of Concealment presents the oral narratives of the Haida Nation through the vibrant depiction of its female supernatural beings. Passed on from generation to generation through oral tradition, these stories are important historical narratives that illustrate the Haida’s values, customs, laws, and relationships with the earthly and metaphysical realms.

This book features over thirty full-colour surreal photo montages by Haida artist, performer, and activist Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson. The montages also integrate traditional Haida form-line art by Robert Davidson. Each image is accompanied by insightful, reflective text describing the being’s place in Haida cosmology. Out of Concealment encourages readers&mdashboth within the Haida Nation and the general public&mdashto see the feminine and the powerful land and seascapes of Haida Gwaii through a worldview where the environment is worthy of respect, not to be dominated or exploited. The book is being released to coincide with an exhibition of Williams-Davidson’s work at the Haida Gwaii Museum in 2017.

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