Never Light a Match in the Outhouse

Matt Jackson SKU: 9780986685668
Never Light a Match in the Outhouse

Never Light a Match in the Outhouse

Matt Jackson SKU: 9780986685668
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Spending time at the cottage is arguably one of the quintessential summer experiences across North America. Whether you travel there to swim in the lake, fish, pick berries, or lay out on the dock and watch the stars appear one by one, there's nothing quite like those lazy weekends spent at the cottage. Of course, the cottaging experience also lends itself to antics, shenanigans, and plenty of good humour.

This collection of cottaging stories is bound to make you laugh out loud. Join Don Wilkinson as he and a boyhood friend build a "weapon of mashed destruction" that they turn loose in Ontario's cottage country. Enjoy watching a renowned practical joker have the tables turned on him. Cringe as Bruce Day engages an army of porcupines in a battle of wits to save his cabin. And learn about the odd strategy Ryan Clement's parents used to keep erosion at bay on Manitoba's Pelican Lake. Never Light a Match in the Outhouse demonstrates the diversity of outdoor-writing talent in Canada. This collection is sure to be remembered and appreciated for generations to come.

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