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Goody Niosi SKU: 9781894384568
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Nanaimo is one of Canada's fastest-growing communities. Positioned beside a stunning and vibrant harbour, where the sight of seaplanes, fishboats, ferries, kayaks and sailboats paints an ever-changing seascape, Nanaimo is a city blessed with spectacular natural beauty, a vivid commercial history, cultural diversity and a vibrant attitude towards the future. Through Goody Niosi's broad knowledge of Nanaimo and its surroundings and through the discerning vision of local photographer Terry Patterson, Nanaimo: The Harbour City captures the human spirit and broad landscape that have clearly marked this place as being special.

Designed to be a treasured keepsake for locals and visitors alike, this elegant, colourful visitor guide showcases the cultural fabric, arts community, recreational activities, tourism amenities, transportation links and shopping options that have made Nanaimo the premier trading centre of Vancouver Island's inland coast. Nanaimo also describes walking tours in and around the city's historic centre and in neighbourhoods that shed light on Nanaimo's fascinating past and its growth from small Aboriginal settlement to thriving city and modern-day playground.

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