Liverpool Lad

Peter Haase SKU: 9781896949291
Liverpool Lad

Liverpool Lad

Peter Haase SKU: 9781896949291
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"This memoir comes at you like a homespun but eloquent and funny missive from another world: the hardscrabble, life of post-World War II Liverpool. Peter Haase came through by riding his wits, humour, fast-talking and toughness to overcome poverty, a penchant for petty crimes and other hardships. My only gripe is that the book ends too soon.” —Derek Lundy, author of Borderlands: Riding the Edge of America

“A nostalgic treasure, Liverpool Lad is a coming-of-age tale and streetwise portrait of working-class life in post-war Britain’s tough industrial north. No wonder many left for a better life in Australia, Canada and beyond. Anyone who watched Coronation Street or rocked to the Mersey Sound will recognize these butcher-boy depictions of the everyday joys and hardships from Liverpool, the town where Marx failed and The Beatles prevailed. Peter Haase turns memory into melody. Here’s the real deal.” —Trevor Carolan, author of The Literary Storefront: The Glory Years, 1978-1985

A lively memoir in an authentic and engaging voice of growing up street savvy, the youngest of four boys, in the famous downtown working-class slums of Everton, Liverpool in the '50s and '60s before they were demolished. Our young hero is talented but his valiant attempts to “be good” sometimes fail because of violence, poverty, bullying teachers and other disasters. He loves music and fishing; accidently meets Beatles George and John; wins big on the Grand National; apprentices as a butcher boy; becomes a Mod; digs the Merseybeat, the Cavern Club and tailored suits. Before Liverpool’s economic decline deepens, at 16, resilient raconteur and Scouser Peter and his family find a “way out” and emigrate to the Land of Oz.

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