I Have Something to Tell You

Natalie Appleton SKU: 9781775004400
I Have Something to Tell You

I Have Something to Tell You

Natalie Appleton SKU: 9781775004400
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“Natalie Appleton’s memoir is both travel account and love story, gritty and graceful. A totally clear, honest and generous story of losing and finding oneself, and an indelible read.” Alix Hawley, author of All True Not a Lie in It

On the eve of Christmas and a proposal, Natalie Appleton discovers she doesn’t want to settle for sevens, and starts over. So, she abandons everything in Alberta for Bangkok.

Along the way, with startling illumination, honesty and humor, Natalie unpacks the past that caused her to flee: cheating hearts, small-town suffocation, a tattered family and a genetic disposition to madness. In Bangkok, Natalie kills an albino gecko, crawls into bed with a lampseller and nearly calls off her quest when she’s almost attacked by a leather vendor. And then, at a grimy guesthouse one year after arriving in Thailand, everything changes.

I Have Something to Tell You is a lyrical, vulnerable exploration of the meaning of love, family, home and the magic of the universe. It’s also a captivating window into two equally exotic worlds—the oilpatch-laden Prairies and the resplendent Thailand.

This is a story for anyone who remembers feeling lost in their twenties, for anyone who has been afraid to leave—a crummy partner or town or job, and for anyone who has ever wondered, What if?

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