High On A Windy Hill

Ray Djuff SKU: 9780921102717
High On A Windy Hill

High On A Windy Hill

Ray Djuff SKU: 9780921102717
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Since 1927, sitting atop a knoll overlooking Upper Waterton Lake, the Prince of Wales Hotel has survived floods, fire, gales and even closure. Built for the Minnesota-based Great Northern Railway, the hotel initially provided an oasis for thirsty Americans during Prohibition. Now a national historic site, the lodge receives its rightful tribute in this extensively annotated book. Discover why a US railway would build a hotel in Canada 50 miles from its closest line. Read the nearly impossible saga of the construction site. Uncover the stories of the dedicated people who have worked to preserve and run this classic venue.

Ray Djuff, a former employee of the Prince of Wales Hotel, spent 20 years researching this book, uncovering facts and details long considered lost. Vivid historical photographs bring to life the story of this grand survivor of the golden age of railway resort development.

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