From Home to Home

A.S. Hill SKU: 9781894974561
From Home to Home

From Home to Home

A.S. Hill SKU: 9781894974561
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Peppered with lively stories, literary references and pithy observations on the emerging culture and future development of the Dominion of Canada, this 19th-century travelogue is a remarkable and authentic slice of history. In these accounts of his travels in North America, Alexander Staveley Hill weaves together details of Canadian and American history with practical advice on such matters as what to wear while ranching and considerations for British investors thinking about buying ranchland. English gentleman ranchers, outlaws and whisky traders, Native cowboys and guides, practical boarding-house landladies and cheery ranchers' wives who fed hungry travellers and put them up on the parlour are just some of the colourful characters in From Home to Home.

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