Flames of the Tiger

John Wilson SKU: 9781772030396
Flames of the Tiger

Flames of the Tiger

John Wilson SKU: 9781772030396
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Finalist, White Pine Award

Finalist, Stellar Award

Society of School Librarians International, Honour Book

Manitoba Young Reader’s Choice Award, Honour Book

As a boy growing up in Germany during Hitler’s rise to power, Dieter has been seduced by the pomp and circumstance of war. But as global hostilities intensify, he is called upon to fight for his country in a conflict that he doesn’t fully understand. Now he must run from everything he knows. With most of his family dead, Berlin in ruins, and the Russian army closing in, Dieter can no longer naively cling to his childhood beliefs. The world he is facing is brutal, dirty, and unforgiving. And the most he can hope for is a chance to survive.

In this second instalment of Wandering Fox’s Fields of Conflict series, John Wilson brings history to life for young readers ages twelve and up.

Paperback / softback Trade paperback (US)


Wandering Fox


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