Cooking Fish & Brewing Tales

Bob Burkosky SKU: 9780991673803
Cooking Fish & Brewing Tales

Cooking Fish & Brewing Tales

Bob Burkosky SKU: 9780991673803
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Good recipes and good stories have a way of creating themselves. Inside these pages you will find hearty west coast recipes and stories lived by the fishing families and folks from the coast of British Columbia. From the tranquility and beauty of quiet inner harbours, to the harsh seas and winds of inlets and open waters, the abundance of seafood available to the world awaits to be caught and cooked. Find some of our coastal favorite recipes for cooking salmon, halibut, cod, prawns and clams. Read about how these different species are caught, and come away with hearts and bellies warmed by the great people and resource of British Columbia, Canada.

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Peggy Burkosky


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