British Columbia Bizarre

British Columbia Bizarre

British Columbia Bizarre

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Britsh Columbia Bizarre is a fascinating and eclectic mix of tales, snippets, historical facts, fancies and misconceptions teased from the history of British Columbia. No one should read this book to obtain a balanced view of the province's history. It ignores the important people and trends that contributed to BC's story, and instead favours the often strange, sometimes wonderful, and frequently insignificant events and people that make this province a storyteller's dream.

Amuse yourself with tales of the brothels, bowdy houses and bagnios that existed in every town, the wild camels of Vancouver Island, communists (well, sort of), duels to the death and goose-races. And if that isn't enough, fill your boots with a potpourri of editorial feuds, gamblers and professional hangmen, lepers and lynching, and, let's not forget, angry moose. Sure to delight and surprise, British Columbia Bizarre is a wild safari through provincial history that ill confuse your assumptions and tickle your taste for the unusual.

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