At the World’s Edge

Claudia Cornwall SKU: 9781896949178
At the World’s Edge

At the World’s Edge

Claudia Cornwall SKU: 9781896949178
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Finalist for the 2012 City of Vancouver Book Award

Curt Lang’s life energetically parallels the evolving history of Vancouver from the hip subculture years to the electronic postmodern 1990s. An intellectual and a catalyst he knew Malcolm Lowry, Al Purdy, John Newlove, Fred Douglas. He was a poet, painter and in his thirties, he built boats and fished when the money in that industry was so good, the scene in Prince Rupert was like a Gold Rush. In his forties, he became involved in the high-tech industry, where he developed hardware and software for the railroad industry that today is used all over North America. The book includes a portfolio of 40 rare 1972 Vancouver street photographs.

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