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    Room at the Inn
    Glen A. Mofford
    Sixties Girl
    MaryLou Driedger
    Frances Barkley
    Cathy Converse
    Galena Bay Odyssey
    Ellen Schwartz
    Four Seasons by the Salish Sea
    Carolyn Redl
    Lilian Bland
    Haley Healey
    Kimiko Murakami
    Haley Healey
    A Complex Coast
    David Norwell
    To Track a Traitor
    Iona Whishaw
    Family Walks & Hikes Canadian Rockies: 2nd Edition, Volume 1
    Andrew Nugara
    Explore Canada
    Jocey Asnong
    Crip Up the Kitchen
    Jules Sherred
    Søren Staun Petersen
    Snot, Sneezes, and Super-Spreaders
    Marc ter Horst
    The Museum of Odd Body Leftovers
    Rachel Poliquin
    The Sacred Balance, 25th anniversary edition
    David Suzuki
    The Petroleum Papers
    Geoff Dembicki
    Deer Man
    Geoffroy Delorme
    The Five-Bottle Bar
    Jessica Schacht
    Butter and Flower
    Ann Allchin
    Luladey Moges
    A Season on Vancouver Island
    Bill Arnott
    Crosbie Cotton
    The Art of Misadventure
    Dave Brosha
    kā-āciwīkicik / The Move
    Doris George
    Her Courage Rises
    Haley Healey
    Fortune Knox Once
    Jack Knox