Home on the Strange

Susan Lundy SKU: 9781772033649
Home on the Strange

Home on the Strange

Susan Lundy SKU: 9781772033649
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A funny, heart-warming ode to motherhood written by an award-winning journalist and humour columnist.

For Susan Lundy, motherhood began when she moved into her boyfriend's Salt Spring Island home at the age of twenty-one. Her new living arrangement came with furniture, a pair of kids, and a biting gerbil named Quasimodo. Susan was a career-oriented budding journalist, eager to write her way to fame and fortune. Becoming a mom was not part of her plan—at least not yet. But after surveying her new domicile with quiet horror at first, she grew into her new role, discarding many of the lessons her mother had given her about keeping house and inventing her own rules as she went along.

By the time her two daughters were born, Susan had already fallen deeply in love with motherhood. Moreover, she chronicled her family's topsy-turvy Gulf Island life in a collection of popular newspaper and magazine columns. Home on the Strange follows Susan's journey from pregnancy to parenthood, career milestones to birds-and-bees talks, separation to new love at mid-life, and cross-country road trips to empty nesting during a global pandemic. Charming, poignant, and frequently hilarious, this is the perfect book for mothers or moms-to-be at any stage of their journey.

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