Tones of Grace

Dave Brosha SKU: 9781771605861
Tones of Grace

Tones of Grace

Dave Brosha SKU: 9781771605861
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A curated collection of 100 stunning black and white images from some of the world’s more unique locations.

In a world of staggering colour, it’s a bold choice in the modern age to strip colour out of the equation and present visuals of the planet in time-honoured black and white. In Tones of Grace, Canadian photographer, author, speaker, and educator Dave Brosha presents 100 meticulously crafted black and white images of the world around us, including landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, and the majesty of wildlife.  Rather than simply a collection of monochrome photos, however, Brosha presents us with his masterful visual introspections, each a moment that combines experience, passion, dedication, craft, and experience to enable the viewer to look upon “the world out there” from a different perspective, with the goal of inspiring us all to consider our surroundings more carefully.

With images spanning Canada and the planet, Brosha is a storyteller at heart, and he constructs in this remarkable collection a visual narrative that will bring the viewer to lands near and far, and make you think about light, shadow, shape, and subject in ways you might have never considered. With subjects as diverse as Antarctic penguins, soaring mountain tops, desert sands, apartment buildings, crows, wild horses, and highways, each page is a journey – a viewpoint of the world at large – that will make you look a little more closely at your own personal environment.



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