There's a Barnyard in My Bedroom

David Suzuki SKU: 9781553655329

There's a Barnyard in My Bedroom

David Suzuki SKU: 9781553655329
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This fun and engaging story makes an engrossing — but not overwhelming — introduction to environmental issues for young readers. With the help of their parents and their own imaginations, Jamie and Megan discover that natural magic is all around them, even in their own home. Sheets and pillows, fruits and furniture — they all come from nature. What’s more, the air isn’t just empty space — it’s full of smells, sounds, water, and life-giving gases. And their backyard contains clues to both past and future: rocks from millions of years ago, a nail from pioneer times, and seeds that will grow into food for the summer. Beautiful full-color illustrations bring each adventure to vibrant life, with a forest growing in the living room and a stream appearing in the back garden. Each chapter ends with a page of related activities, and a glossary is included at the back.

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