British Columbia 100 Years Ago

Fred Thirkell SKU: 9781894384506
British Columbia 100 Years Ago

British Columbia 100 Years Ago

Fred Thirkell SKU: 9781894384506
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In an era when picture postcards became a unique new way to "call home," they quickly established a role in enticing an ongoing parade of tourists to British Columbia. This book features an impressive collection of black-and-white lithograph images that were sold to the public in the early twentieth century. Documenting life in British Columbia during this period of time, each image has a story to tell. Collectively they define the state of affairs in B.C. a century ago. The book is divided into geographic regions, with an introductory article and map for each. Fred Thirkell and Bob Scullion's previous book of postcard images, Postcards From the Past (1996), won a City of Vancouver Heritage Award.

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