Mob Hit on my Grandmother's Dog

Matt Jackson SKU: 9780986685637
Mob Hit on my Grandmother&

Mob Hit on my Grandmother's Dog

Matt Jackson SKU: 9780986685637
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What does a golden lab that steals laundry off a neighbour's clothesline have in common with a mynah bird that can imitate a flushing toilet? How is a pet wasp with a taste for shrimp like an old boxer with a taste for caviar? What they all share is a place in the pages of this book—an unforgettable collection of some of the most hilarious and outrageous animal stories you are ever likely to read. Join Madge Brown in Banff National Park as she tries to prevent a miffed camper from chasing after a marauding grizzly bear with her frying pan. Read about the unexpected connection between writer Steve Pitt, a lobster, and the Queen of England. Laugh when Mary Patterson catches her pooch in the act of shoplifting and marvel at where he's stashed his loot. And find out what a barnyard turkey stole from Lori Feldberg's father-in-law. These and many other stories in this hilarious collection are sure to leave readers in stitches.

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