Glorious Victorian Homes

Nick Russell SKU: 9781771511865
Glorious Victorian Homes

Glorious Victorian Homes

Nick Russell SKU: 9781771511865
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Winner of the 2016 Hallmark Heritage Society Award

Discover the rich and diverse architectural history of Victoria through the city’s most historically significant homes.

Unlike many cities that have demolished its old houses to make way for new condos and cookie-cutter cul-de-sacs, an astonishing array of historically significant homes still grace the tree-lined streets of BC’s beautiful capital city. This guided tour reveals a captivating cross-section of the city’s residential architecture, from the rustic charm of early vernacular homesteads through to the trendy Tudor Revival cottages made popular by Samuel Maclure.

Told through more than 250 colour photographs, heritage conservationist Nick Russell touches on each of the benchmark moments that define the city’s growth. Glorious Victorian Homes delves into the history of each of the houses featured including the architects who built them, the families who lived in them, and their distinctive structural details.

The book tracks the region’s cultural and economic history through the evolution of its dormers, gables, and sweeping verandahs to shed light on Victoria’s magnificent residential legacy.

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