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Grant Hayter-Menzies SKU: 9781772034615
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The moving memoir of a writer—a biographer of historical animals—whose life was forever changed when a rescue dog named Freddie came into his life.

Rescued from a puppy mill in 2010, Freddie was a bright light in the lives of his human companions and the ultimate muse for biographer Grant Hayter-Menzies to explore the human-animal bond in his books. As Grant helped Freddie overcome the fears and traumas of his early years, Freddie in turn helped Grant through some of the most challenging years of his personal and professional life. It was Freddie who inspired Grant to shift the focus of his writing from human biographies to the notable but forgotten lives of historical animals, who exhibited levels of bravery and devotion rarely seen among people. Yet as Freddie sat quietly beside his human’s desk as he wrote these books, little did Grant know that Freddie was about to face the hardest battle of his young life.

Freddie: The Rescue Dog Who Rescued Me is a heartwarming tribute to a truly unique and loving canine companion. Tracing their journey from Freddie’s adoption and socialization through his growing bond with Grant to his devastating cancer diagnosis in 2020, this book will resonate deeply with anyone who has every loved and lost an animal. It reminds us of everything that animals can teach us about love, loyalty, and courage, and is a call to action to end the unethical and abusive treatment of animals everywhere.

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