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    An Owl without a Name
    Jenna Greene
    A Different Track
    Alexandra Kitty
    Sweet Greek
    Kathy Tsaples
    Maria Coffey
    Fleece and Fibre
    Francine McCabe
    E. J. Hughes: Life at the Lake
    Robert Amos
    Farley and Claire
    Michael Harris
    The Lost Supper
    Taras Grescoe
    Gone Viking III
    Bill Arnott
    The Cobra and the Key
    Sam Shelstad
    New World Dreams
    David Laurence Jones
    A Haida Wedding
    Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson
    Behind the Mask
    Randi Druzin
    Blue Camas, Blue Camas
    Danielle S. Marcotte
    Bompa's Insect Expedition
    David Suzuki
    Brave Like the Buffalo
    Melissa Allan
    Brave Like the Buffalo
    Melissa Allan
    Butterfly Wings
    Samuel Larochelle
    Echo Loba, Loba Echo
    Sonja Swift
    Grant Hayter-Menzies
    Grizzly Bear Science and the Art of a Wilderness Life
    Bruce McLellan
    Imagine a Garden
    Rina Singh
    In the Belly of the Sphinx
    Grant Buday
    Inside the Belly of an Elephant
    Todd Lawson
    Kimiko Murakami
    Haley Healey
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    Let's Eat
    DL Acken
    Sold Out
    Lilian Bland
    Haley Healey
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    Ontario ABCs
    Jocey Asnong
    Ontario ABCs
    Jocey Asnong
    Our Little Farm
    Peter Wohlleben
    Christopher Pollon
    Rise Up and Sing!
    Andrea Warner
    River Notes
    Wade Davis
    Strangers in the House
    Candace Savage
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    Streams of Consequence
    Lorne Fitch
    Super Space Weekend
    Gaëlle Alméras
    The Curious World of Seahorses
    Till Hein
    The Diabetes Code Journal
    Dr. Jason Fung
    The Dolphin Who Saved Me
    Melody Horrill
    The Pig and I
    Kristoffer Endresen