Reviews for The Incomparable Honeybee and the Economics of Pollination

A fascinating narrative that exposes the profound importance of the humble honeybee to the well-being of all humans. Yet again Dr. Halter has exercised his ecological vision to interpret a crucial warning from the troubled world of bees. Get on board and be informed by this inspirational read as Dr. Reese takes us on a grand ride through the history of the natural world, exposes the pivotal role of bees in human endeavor and, although presaging decline, offers solutions and hope.—Dr. Christopher J. Weston, Forest Ecology, University of Melbourne

In this book, Dr. Halter introduces us to the amazing honeybee. Not only do bees have sophisticated social organization and advanced communication and navigation skills, but they vote, dance and have strange sex. The book is written in a conversational style, with a myriad of interesting and often surprising facts (e.g., bees might be able to locate land mines and cure some cancers). The bee provides goodies for humans (e.g., honey, wax, medicines) but their main importance is as pollinators of food plants. Dr. Halter explains how bee populations recently have plummeted due to deforestation, contamination by insecticides, and disease. Our food supply is in peril. Dr. Halter presents a very convincing argument that we need to be doing a better job of looking after planet Earth. This is a good read, both informative and exciting. I thoroughly recommend it.—Roger Sands, Professor Emeritus, University of Canterbury

It is rich with interesting and humbling facts: bees can count, they can vote, and honey has potent medicinal properties, able to work as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidant, even an antiseptic.—NHBS

I had always thought I had a thorough understanding of the role bees play in nature. But reading Dr. Reese Halter's book was a shocking revelation of the importance of bees in pollinating a wide variety of crops and plants, and thus their importance to our very survival. With amazing clarity and ease of understanding, Dr. Reese brings to light the vital role of bees in the pageant of all life on this planet. This is a must read for anyone concerned about the relationship of our ecology with our well-being.—Courtney Milne, Master Photographer