Reviews for Brew North

"Coax him through the craft brew portal by appealing to that sense of nostalgia for the days when good beer was common. Prime the pump with a colourful romp through Canada's brewing history. Ian Coutts' Brew North, is recommendable solely for its impressive photos of vintage beer logos." —National Post

"As a piece of entertaining history, [Brew North] is top-notch, but the real gold is in the wealth of archival images, covering all manner of Canadian life." —Toro Magazine

"As Ian Coutts reminds us, Canada's love affair with the foamy nectar is as old as the country, and any self-respecting history needs to take account of that intimacy. In this delightful but serious-minded work . . . Coutts takes us from the days of smelly, stale, men-only beer parlours to the yuppie-sanctioned brew pubs and micro-breweries of today . . . Wonderfully illustrated with period photographs, ads and beer labels." —Globe & Mail

"An insightful history of Canadian brewing, which in many ways is a history of the country itself." —Stephen Beaumont

"Coutts has a conversational, casual writing style that makes this a breeze of a read, something you could probably whip through in the space of a couple of six-packs. He's included lots of great historical images and has special sub-sections . . . [and he] does a great job of showing us just why our beer and brewing culture is different than that of our neighbours to the south . . . Brew North is a fascinating, fact-filled look at beer through a Cancon lens. From stubbies to spruce beer, this book is packed with impress-your-friends kinds of facts." —Monday Magazine

"Coutts' book traces the evolution of our national beverage, starting in New France. Dozens of lively images depict vintage advertisements, black-and-white photographs and numerous samples of breweriana, making it a breezy account of Canadian history that also happens to chronicle the rise of capitalism." —Ottawa Citizen

"Brew North is a compelling, detailed look at just how Canada's beer industry became the way it is. Ian Coutts has done a lot of hard digging, and it shows." —Josh Rubin

"Brew North is an industry thing, with stories of brewers and businessmen, starting from New France days through to modern microbreweries. It is lavishly illustrated with ads and labels from the past, with a great deal of colour . . . While the illustrations make it a fun book, there is a serious bibliography for further reading and a useful index." —Wine & Food Book Review