Reviews for The Sacred Balance

"This 10-year edition of Suzuki's landmark bestseller has been extensively revised, taking into account the past decade's sweeping environmental changes and advances in science." —Globe & Mail

"The Sacred Balance is most impressive for the masterful way Suzuki blends hard, cold scientific data with a much more holistic understanding of how we human animals are more than just the sum of our natural parts. This perspective is clear from the get go . . . As Suzuki speaks to our hearts and our minds, he inspires us to renew our interest in nature's wonders, return our very natural bodies to their proper place in the natural cycle, and restore the natural balance on Earth that we have disrupted. And that is the message we should take to heart." —Sustainablog

"The Sacred Balance is both vintage Suzuki and the new, improved 2008 model. The book should read like a re-tread given the sudden climate change concern crazy and the proliferation of bloggers and politicians jumping on the bullet-train bandwagon. Yet, Suzuki's book makes his own perspective sound fresh, inventive, original and—gasp!—actually readable! Seriously." —CD Syndicated