Reviews for The Sacred Balance

"This book is the most complete expression to date of an environmental ethic from one of the world's leading conservation writers, combining science, theology, poetry and philosophy to express a world view towards which the human species must shift in the twenty-first century. The Sacred Balance has a beautiful spirit." —E.O. Wilson

"The finest work to date by Canada's leading environmentalist, The Sacred Balance is a celebration of wonder, a scientific journey of insight and wisdom, and a profound meditation on the complexity and fragility of the biological and physical forces that sustain all life on Earth." —Wade Davis

"Suzuki's eloquent plea is to recognize that if we are to get back into balance with the natural world that supports us, we need to look at the real bottom line. We are biological beings and our very existence depends on the integrity and quality of the web of life." —Paul Ehrlich

"David Suzuki reminds us of our unlikely origins and makes an eloquent plea for the millennium, finding peace on and with the Earth." —David Brower